I try to keep the general terms and conditions as simple as possible.

The payment of the arrangement is due with the booking. With the confirmation of the reservation I'll send you the details for the bank transfer. The payment then is to be effected within 10 days. Otherwise the reservation will be cancelled. The booking is confirmed, once the money has arived in the account of ARC EN CIEL TOURS. 

If you should have to cancel a tour, the following conditions for cancellation apply.

Cancellation due to Corona

Due to the current Corona situation I adapt the cancellation conditions for bookings made by 31. March 2021.
If you have to cancel any tour in 2021 due to restrictions introduced for the time of your tour by the Swiss government or the government of a country the tour is going to take place these are the conditions for cancellation, unless I can offer you a tour for the same time in an area, that is not affected by these restrictions:

up to 3 months before the tour starts          100 % refund or voucher, valid for 2 years
up to 2 months before the tour starts          refund of 50 % of the arrangement, or 100 % voucher, valid for 2 years
up to 1 month before the tour starts            refund 20 % of the arrangement, or 100 % voucher, valid for 2 years
on shorter notice                                              no refund, 100 % voucher, valid for 2 years
after the tour has started                                no refund

For all other cancellations and for bookings made after the 1. April 2021 the  following conditions for cancellation apply:

up to 6 months before the tour starts          100 % refund, minus CHF 100.00 (processing fee).
up to 3 months before the tour starts           refund of 50 % of the arrangement
up to 1 month before the tour starts             refund of 20 % of the arrangement 
on shorter notice                                               no refund

In case of a cancellation of any arrangement through ARC EN CIEL TOURS due to "force majeure", there will be a 100 % refund (or voucher) of the arrangement booked with me. For any other costs (e.g. Train tickets, difference to competitive arrangements, etc.) ARC EN CIEL TOURS cannot hold any liability. If the tour program has to be changed there is no right to compensation.

Insurance is basically the responsibility of the traveler, in particular cancellation insurance. 


There are special rules and provisions that apply to staying on a boat. The instuctions of the captain or his deputy must be followed in any case.

Guests must pay attention to the safety instructions on board. If they do not follow instructions and orders given by the captain or the crew, they may be asked to leave the boat and abort the tour without compensation. ARC EN CIEL TOURS cannot be held reliable for occurring cost of transportation.  

In case of any damage done to the boat or the image of ARC EN CIEL TOURS, the company reserves the right to take legal action and to claim damages. 

Guests embark the B&B ship ARC EN CIEL and the shuttle transport provided by ARC EN CIEL TOURS to and from the ship at their own risk. 

The place of jurisdiction is Basel, Switzerland.